“We Want This Now!” This is the most frequent response when our product is introduced to law enforcement.

The Semforex Carrier® is –

  • Tapered, not boxy;
  • Concealed, but smart-looking;
  • Answers the issues of uncomfortability in wearing body armor;
  • Moves easily but firmly with the body;
  • More pliable than most of the carriers worn today
  • More compatible with the body armor—without compromising safety and security.

The Semforex Carrier® is available in a variety of sizes and colors. The product is made with fabrics suitable for winter (thermal) and summer weather. Patent Pending.

Ballistic & Stab-Resistant Packets

  • NIJ Certified—Level II & Level III
  • Semforex Alfa Elite AX IIIA MC
  • Semforex Alfa Elite AX II MC
  • Semforex Security SP+2LE MC
  • Semforex Cobra GNX IIIA MC
  • Semforex Cobra GNX II MC
  • Semforex Standard CI IIA-2MC
  • Semforex Standard CII-3 MC
  • Semforex Alfa Elite AX IIIAF MX4
  • Semforex Alfa Elite AX IIF MX
  • Semforex Security SP+2LEF MX4
  • MC: Male MX4: Female

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